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Young Carers to “Skywalk” with Ks

Young Carers at the Skywalk Adventure Centre

Thanks to the support of Kingstonian supporters, young carers were able to benefit from the money raised from the recent Walk Through History.

The Supporters Club were recently able to send Kingston Carers Network £511 thanks to the generosity of Ks fans support for our “Walk through History” . An equivalent amount was also provided to Sparkle Malawi.

Kingston Carers Network had planned to spend this on a couple of soccer sessions for young carers at Goals in Tolworth.  However, Kingstonian Youth have stepped in and are providing these for free at their Dinton Field Ground.

This is enabling young carers to also have some sessions at the Skywalk Adventure Centre in Esher. This collaboration across our club has amplified the benefit of this fundraising.

The first of the football sessions was for 20 young carers and held during half term with high quality coaching provided by no less than 4 youth team coaches!

The young carers had a really great time and were each presented with a medal and a little Kingstonian teddy as a keepsake. Club Mascot Kingstonian Ted was also there and he now attends all youth team matches at  Dinton Field.

Published Sunday 2nd June 2019