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Young Carers Kick-Off Again

Young Carers Having Lunch after a 10-10 draw!

The first fun day has recently taken place at Dinton Field with outstanding support from Kingstonian Youth.

Our first young carers fun day of the year has been  held at Dinton Field with excellent support as ever coming from Kingstonian Youth coaches. The young carers had a great time and loved being able to get out and play football again after months of being stuck at home. Many carers have had additional pressures placed on the during the lockdown being stuck at home with less support available from outside the of their households.

Kingstonian are therefore all the more keen to continue to work with Kingston Carers Network to improve support for young carers who have so much placed on their young shoulders.

We are now planning to arrange our next young carers day at King George’s Field as soon as the Isthmian League fixture list is to hand and also another Dinton Field session for autumn half term.

Looking a bit further ahead to the Christmas holidays Kingstonian Supporters Club are sponsoring an outing to the Pantomime at Epsom Play House for 25 young carers and also a Christmas Party.

Published Tuesday 25th August 2020