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Young Carers Day this Saturday

Kingston YCP - Supporting Kingstonian FC

Our match against Lewes is to be sponsored in the name of Kingston Carers Network

Our next Kingstonian Young Carers Day is this Saturday when the K's are at home to Lewes, a match which is being sponsored in support of Kingston Carers Network. We will again have a large group of guests from KCN including young carers and their families, and we will have eleven young carers as match day mascots for the game.

The young carers attending will be given Banquet Records vouchers as a gift from Ks Supporters Club and many thanks are due to our excellent local record store for their kind assistance with this: https://www.banquetrecords.com/

This event follows on from a series of successful football fun days held at Kingstonian Youth's Dinton Field as support for our community partnership with Kingston Carers Network is now coming from across the whole club.

Published Wednesday 13th November 2019