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Welcome to the new Commercial Department!


Launching the new 12th Man Scheme and new Commercial Brochure

We're sure you will all agree, it's been a challenging Summer for everyone! Needless to say, football clubs are no different and currently face the task of successfully negotiating a pathway through the current pandemic.

In order to ease the financial pressure, many clubs have understandably opted for initiatives such as "Just Giving". All of which have received tremendous support from fans, friends and local businesses. 

Kingstonian are no different; facing the same challenges as every club at this level and indeed, throughout the country. However, the Club Directors have decided to take a very different approach. An approach that will not only benefit the Club in the short term, but create a sustainable business model, in the quest for long term success.

With this in mind, Kingstonian are delighted to launch our new Commercial Department. As Manager Hayden Bird stressed in the recent Supporters Zoom Meeting, the Club did not want to follow others with a "Just Giving" Campaign but preferred to offer our Supporters and Local Businesses something in return.

An example is our new 12th Man Scheme. In working with the Supporters Club, the benefits supporters will receive from contributing to the initiative are unprecedented.

In order to show our appreciation to supporters and ensure there is a benefit to local businesses, this is the case with every one of our new commercial packages!

With this in mind, we are delighted to launch our new Commercial Brochure. The brochure includes a variety of commercial and sponsorship opportunities, with a range designed to allow everyone to reap the benefits of partnering Kingstonian Football Club.

Having enjoyed great success, everyone at the club is both focused and determined to build on last season. In order to do that, we all have to play our part! Kingstonian needs YOU!

As a club, we have exactly the same ambitions as you. Therefore, we have decided to name the initiative.

Project Promotion!
The Road to the National South

"Join us on our journey!"

There is no doubting next season will be a very competitive league. With professional players dropping down the divisions due to the after effects of the pandemic, the league is expected to be stronger than ever.

Our ambitions cannot be realised without you. Join Kingstonian on our journey and let's achieve our targets together!

For those of you who may have missed the Zoom Meeting, please see the link attached, along with both the Commercial Brochure and 12th Man Booklet!

Click here for the Kingstonian 12th Man Scheme Brochure
For the new Kingstonian Commercial Brochure, please click herefor the accompanying cover letter - click here.

Last week's Zoom Meeting:

Published Wednesday 8th July 2020