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Weaving In and Out Podcast Episode Nine - Geoff Pitcher

Geoff Pitcher (with apostrophe)

Taimour is back with an interview with Ks' former midfield maestro Geoff Pitcher, plus some grammatical issues.

Click here (https://shows.acast.com/kingstonian-weaving-in-and-out/episodes/geoff-pitcher) to reach Taimour's ninth podcast, in which he interviews two time FA Trophy winner Geoff Pitcher on all things K's and Conference, plus one of the most controversial characters in Kingstonian history - the apostrophe.

(NB: Kingstonian Football Club is an equal opportunities apostrophe/non-apostrophe club, and welcomes either use of said punctuation mark with open arms. So says our IT guru. So there.)

Published Wednesday 17th June 2020