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Update from the directors


Kingstonian's board of directors with a further update on the ground search.

Kingstonian's directors are providing supporters with their latest written update on discussions with Kingston Council about our search for a potential new ground for the Club (see link to last month's update here).

As many fans will know, Kingstonian have been in discussions with Kingston Council about whether the local authority could offer or highlight any potential sites for the development of a ground for our Club. We have been meeting with Cllr. Andreas Kirsch, leader of Kingston Council, together with Cllr. Noel Hadjimichael (who holds the Council’s Assets, Leisure and Commissioning portfolio) and a senior council official.

At these meetings, Cllr. Kirsch has agreed that Kingston Council should work with the K’s to try and identify and secure potential sites within the borough. Cllr. Kirsch has now taken a lead role in these discussions and invited our representatives to an on-site meeting in early May to discuss opportunities for progress.

Kingstonian’s directors are pleased to now be receiving more active help in seeking a new ground.

Club director Mark Anderson commented: 

"We are really encouraged that the leader of Kingston Council is personally taking a leading role in the process.

“We are determined to keep going with these discussions until we can bring the K's home and restore our club to being a key part of the local community. Having our own facilities can obviously provide us with all sorts of opportunities for development of community football as a core part of our operations and increase our engagement with the community. For example, we would then be in a position to enhance our partnerships with Mind in Kingston and Kingston Carers Network by increasing playing time for these projects”.

The Kingstonian directors will provide a further update for supporters following the upcoming meeting with Kingston Council.

Published Monday 3rd April 2023