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Thommo's Diary - Mission Accomplished!

Sponsor Thommo in aid of Sparkle Malawi!

Adam Thompson has run and cycled just over 100 miles in 10 days to raise money for the Sparkle Foundation. Here is the full ten day diary!


Day 10 - Saturday 20th March 2021

Mission Accomplished!

A 6.09 mile cycle means a grand total of 100.97 miles over 10 days!

Thank you to everyone who has followed, supported and donated, remember it's not too late, just log on to justgiving.com/fundraising/kfc-thommo and you can add to the £1,835 raised (and that doesn't include the Gift Aid)!

Hopefully, it's a case of "And on the Eleventh Day, Thommo rested."

Day 9 - Friday 19th March 2021

What a day! Today Thommo ran 13.2 miles, a little bit further than a half marathon, and he met up with three former team mates in the shapes of Bobby Traynor, Simon Huckle and Craig Mullen!

Thommo has now raised £1,725 for Sparkle Malawi, which gets bumped up to over £2k thanks to Gift Aid.

During his journey today, Thommo visited both King George's Field, and, with the goal machine that is Bobby Traynor, went to the scene of that play-off game in 2010, when we defeated an excellent Sutton United team 4-2 - Thommo scored one and Bobby two, including this beauty - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaHF0qN4p5M

Thommo outside King George's Field

Bobby Traynor

Thommo and Traynor at Gander Green Lane, home of Sutton United

Adam Thompson with Craig Mullen

Thommo with Simon Huckle

One Day More!

Day 8 - Thursday 18th March 2021

What Thommo describes as a "short, sharp cycle" is a nearly five mile ride, which doesn't sound like a short trip to us...

Anyway, major plans afoot for tomorrow as Adam goes for a run with a special guest.

Just two days to go now!

Day 7 - Wednesday 17th March 2021

Back on the bike, Adam cycled nearly eleven miles today, and he met up with former K's man and new AFC Wimbledon striker, the mighty Corie Andrews!

You can still donate to Sparkle Malawi via https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/kfc-thommo - don't forget to say yes to Gift Aid!

Three days and 23.17 miles to go!

Day 6 - Tuesday 16th March 2021

Thommo has now raised £1,235 at the time of writing - and the good people from the Sparkle Foundation sent him the video you can see at the top of the page. Adam said he was "actually speechless."

A five mile run today by Thommo, and he was accompanied by the most excellent Aaron Lamont!

Day 5 - Monday 15th March 2021

Another 6¾ miles on the bike, well that's the distance reported as he keeps forgetting to start his clock...

Anyway, pictured with Adam today is the rather marvellous Tom Derry!

Day 4 - Sunday 14th March 2021

Adam went berserk today, cycling well over 31 miles - here he is pictured outside Waterloo Station. It's wonderful that his initial target of £1,000 has already been beaten, if you want to add to it, please go to https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/kfc-thommo

Day 3 - Saturday 13th March 2021

Another 5¼ miles today - he put the trainers back on today for a run, it was blowing a gale again, hoping very much that this wind is not going to be a regular thing! 

Day 2 - Friday 12th March 2021

He did the same journey on his bicycle that he did yesterday, but this time remembered to turn his watch on at the right time, so just over 9 miles was covered.

Day 1 - Thursday 11th March 2021

Thommo started the challenge in aid of Sparkle Malawi in filthy weather conditions and covered just over 8 miles - hopefully Day 2 will be easier on him and it won't be so windy and 'orrid. 


Published Saturday 13th March 2021 (last updated Sunday 21st March 2021)