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This Friday's Zoom Sports Quiz

Kingstonian Supporters Club Quiz Night - Friday 22nd May, 7pm on Zoom

Lots of teams have entered but there is always room for more.

Thanks for the encouraging response to the Quiz night, we have 12 teams registered so far. For anyone else thinking of joining us, please email supporters@kingstonian.com or contact us on 07308 302923.  You could win a £50 voucher for the Club Shop as first prize, or other smaller prizes during the quiz.

We will be issuing the Meeting ID for Friday's Quiz on Thursday 21st, after a test run for those that are unfamiliar with Zoom and it's functions.  The test run will be at 7pm on Thursday with the following details:

  • Quiz Test Run: Thurs 21st May 7pm
  • Meeting ID: 774-4636-4269
  • Password: 0cPcB8

For those already entered into the Quiz, you will shortly receive an email explaining how things will work on Friday.

Looking forward to an exciting first Kingstonian online Sports' Quiz on Friday.

Kingstonian Supporters' Club

Published Tuesday 19th May 2020