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This Friday's Supporters Club Annual General Meeting

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Friday's Zoom AGM will include a Q&A session with manager Hayden Bird.

Zoom details are as follows:

Date: Friday August 14th 2020
Time: 7.00pm
Meeting ID: 896 1571 7830
or using a web browser: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89615717830

In order to attend the meeting you must be a Supporters' Club member, it would be very helpful to us if you could include your membership number with your name when entering the meeting. If you wish to join the Supporters' Club, you can do so by following the attached link and clicking on the appropriate PayPal button: https://kingstonianshop.weebly.com/membership-digital-progs-coaches.html Should you have any concerns please contact us at supporters@kingstonian.com

In preparation for the meeting, the Agenda items are as follows:

1 - Apologies
2 - Minutes of the 2019 AGM (available here: https://www.kingstonian.com/documents/2019-annual-general-meeting--minutes/111.pdf)
3 - Officers reports:
a - Chair (see report dated 5 June: https://www.kingstonian.com/kingstonian-supporters-latest-news)
b - Membership
c - Treasurer's Report (available here: https://www.kingstonian.com/documents/kingstonian-supporters-club-signed-accounts-2019-20-pdf/123.pdf)
4 - Election of the Committee
5 - Constitution
6 - Equality and Diversity update
7 - Any other business

Followed by the 12th Man and Hayden Bird Q&A.

The aim is to keep the formal part of the meeting as short as possible to allow members to ask questions of the Committee. The areas to consider are around our key activities such as Social Media, Communication with supporters, Club Shop, Sponsorship, Coach and Minibus travel.

Published Monday 10th August 2020