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Thanks from Kingston Carers Network

Kingston Carers' Network

We had one of our Young Carers' Days on Saturday for the game against Aveley - we received this letter from KCN:

The Club have received a letter of thanks from Kingston Carers Network about our latest Young Carers Day which was held to coincide with our match at home to Aveley FC. The young carers appear to have had a great time.


Thanks so much for an absolutely brilliant afternoon provided by Kingstonian Football Club. I read the football programme on the way home,  which I have also left a copy for Diane. It's a really good review John thank you. Today was extra special for our families with transport provided on a luxury coach , it made it stress free for all. Everyone really enjoyed the Caribbean food including the young carers. It was very authentic and not spicy at all! The new temporary ground is also really welcoming.

Thanks John and the club for absolutely everything and for also providing the football programme for the young carers, I think you may have remembered on the last few occasions the children have asked for these, so it was great I got to hand some out to the young carers.

We also did so well today with 13 mascots ranging from age 3 to 19 years. I have photo permission from all the families, so hopefully we can view them soon. The young carers were extremely spoilt today, with a free John's sweet shop, club football shirt to keep, football programme and delicious food. I really do want the club to know my appreciation and that of the families in such difficult times.

I know a few families went back to 'The Shak' for seconds not only because it was so delicious, but I believe because food is so expensive for families at this moment in time. 1 family with 3 children took food home for dinner. They were extremely grateful.

It felt like a very good community atmosphere today. Shame K's didn't get a goal but they seemed to play well during the second half.

Many thanks,
Liz Grimwood
YCP team leader
Kingston Carers Network

Published Monday 13th February 2023