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Supporters Club Q&A with Hayden Bird

Hayden Bird

E-mail, phone in or text your questions to the Kingstonian manager by next Sunday.

Ks Supporters' Club are offering all fans the opportunity to put their questions to Hayden Bird.  So if you were wondering what planning was possible for next season, or Hayden's best tactical victory this season, send your questions to us now.  We will collect questions up until Sunday 26th April, and then Hayden will answer them in a video interview conducted by Jamie Cutteridge and Taimour Lay.

You can submit your questions by emailing supporters@kingstonian.com or by calling/texting 07308 302923.

Kingstonian Supporters' Club would like to take this opportunity to thank Hayden for agreeing to take part in this Q&A session, and for the constant support he provides to us.  We were delighted that he has been joining in our phone calls to isolated fans recently, making it a special day for some very lucky fans.

Kingstonian Supporters' Club

Published Monday 20th April 2020