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Support Thommo on Tour!

Sponsor Thommo in aid of Sparkle Malawi!

Please support Thommo as he embarks on Sparkle Malawi's new fundraising campaign.

We hope many fans will support K's legend Adam Thompson as he joins Sparkle Malawi's new fund raising campaign, "SPRING in your step!"

The simple challenge is to encourage participants to go outside and walk, run, swim or cycle 10 miles in 10 days running up to the start of spring (11th to 20th March) to raise money for the Sparkle Foundation.

Sparkle say it is not about running a marathon, but simply encouraging people in trying times to go outside and get active by yourself or with your house/bubble to complete 10 miles to make a difference.

Enter Adam Thompson (aka "Thommo"), who has been practicing his ten times table! Thommo plans to run 10 miles a day for 10 days having multiplied the challenge by 10, and is asking K's fans to sponsor him. On his walks, Thommo plans to meet up with several former players.

You can follow the event on the Facebook "Spring in your Step" page and, of course, on Kingstonian social media.

You can support/sponsor Thommo via JustGiving at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/kfc-thommo

Published Tuesday 9th March 2021