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Phone call with Hayden

Hayden Bird

He's on the other end of the line if you need him.

We've been contacted by Hayden, concerned about how our supporters are getting on during Lockdown.  He has kindly offered his time to any supporter, who would like to have a conversation with him.  We have already been in contact with our fans, who do not have internet access, and they are at the head of the queue.  If you would like to reserve your place, please contact supporters@kingstonian.com, or call 07308 302923, and we will arrange the call for you.

"As a Club, we would like to show our appreciation to our fans. We want to show that "support" works both ways," explained Hayden. "We all know how difficult Lockdown is and although the season has been paused, we want to stay in touch. Therefore, if anyone wants to chat about football, discuss the difficulties during Lockdown or life in general, I will be pleased to chat to them. Equally, if any of the supporters would like to have a chat with any of the players, I'll gladly arrange a three way call."

Published Thursday 28th January 2021