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Paul Ferrie - Kingstonian FC Life Member

Paul Ferrie

We are delighted to announce that our kit manager has had life membership bestowed upon him.

Kingstonian FC is delighted to announced that long-time kit manager Paul Ferrie has been made a Life Member by the directors of the football club.

As with Jamie Street, Paul has been a constant and popular figure in the Kingstonian dressing room for a very long time, serving several managers and sorting the kit out for the millions of Kingstonian players over the years.

Paul has been with the club since 1992, starting with cleaning the Kingsmeadow after games and then became Jamie's "YTS boy" helping with the kit in 1999 when Jamie broke a leg, and in 2012 was given the title of Kit Manager.

So, thank you and congratulations to Paul, we are a better club for your presence and hard work and you are most worthy of having Life Membership bestowed upon you.

Published Monday 24th August 2020