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Metropolitan Police 2-1 Kingstonian


An unfortunate late own goal gives the Blues a win in the first pre-mid-season-friendly-thing.

Kingstonian returned to action with a narrow 1-2 defeat at Imber Court at the hands of hosts Metropolitan Police.

After a goalless first half, Tom Cursons opened the scoring for the Blues with a shot past keeper Rob Tolfrey, before Jake Hutchings equalised in the 82nd minute, bundling the ball home after a succession of corners.

Metropolitan Police's winner was most unfortunate, as a back pass in the 84th minute was completely miskicked by substitute goalkeeper Mason Whitnell - these things happen to every goalkeeper once in a while, so we will go again on Tuesday night when we visit Staines Town for another pre-mid-season-friendly thing.

Kingstonian: Rob Tolfrey, Juevan Spencer, Tom Richards, Harry Osborne, Ollie Cook, Jake Hutchings, Kenny Beaney, Tom Kavanagh, Elliott Buchanan, Corie Andrews, Kadell Daniel.

Subs: Andre Coker (for Elliott Buchanan, 50m), Fabio Saraiva (for Tom Richards, 50m), Gus Sow (for Tom Kavanagh, 50m), Teo Kurtaran (for Ollie Cook, 69m), Kevin Nyarko (for Corie Andrews, 69m), Pepe Basse (for Juevan Spencer, 69m), Mason Whitnell (for Rob Tolfrey, 83m).

Goal scorers: Tom Cursons (57m, 1-0), Jake Hutchings (82m, 1-1), Mason Whitnell (84m og, 2-1)

Published Sunday 6th December 2020