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Message from Sparkle Malawi

Sparkle Malawi Thank You to K's Supporters

Sparkle Malawi's message to Kingstonian supporters after the Walk Through History

Dear Kingstonian FC Fundraising Team and Supporters,

We just want to write to you all and say and huge thank you on behalf of the 300 children and 30 staff members at Sparkle Malawi for making a difference and giving up your time and money to complete the walk and Spread the Sparkle.

With damage of cyclone Idai now causing an outbreak of cholera across Malawi, it is vital that communities are given access to clean water so that it does not continue to spread and take more innocent lives.

The £516 raised will be used to pay for an additional water tap to ensure that our 300 children, staff and community members have a constant supply of drinking water during this difficult time.

Thanks to you, and the money you raised, the bill for the water tap will be covered for the next six months.

If you want to see how children are benefiting over 2019 from your support, please follow us on social media and sign up to our newsletter.

The world needs more people like you. Thank you for sparkling with us and giving our children the chance of a brighter future.

The Sparkle Family

Published Saturday 27th April 2019