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Message from Hayden


Kingstonian's manager Hayden Bird with a special holiday message.

With our Surrey Senior Cup tie being rearranged and the South East moving into Tier 4, I wanted to wish our supporters a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Like all of us, I'm hoping 2021 will be far less stressful! However, as we reflect on 2020 and the occasions we did manage to play, it's been an enjoyable year for Kingstonian. The team have played good football throughout and worked hard to entertain our fantastic supporters. Currently, the team are well placed in 6th position, as we look forward to re-starting the League campaign.

During December, we have been preparing for the re-start with a series of friendlies. These games are not only designed to ensure the team are physically ready for the resumption of the campaign, but provide the opportunity to look at our younger players in different formations. 

Like all of you, I'm eager to return to competitive football. It is and continues to be a frustrating time. Speaking on a personal level, I support the Government’s new Tier system and sympathise with the position this puts the football authorities in. However frustrated we are, let’s be mindful that’s it’s only football. No one wants to see the NHS overwhelmed and no wants to see people suffer. 

With all of that said, I’m shocked at the decision to allow Step 2 to continue. Although branded as 'Elite' what's the difference between Dorking Wanderers for example, and Kingstonian? Both clubs employ part-time footballers, who are as just as likely to spread the virus. If the new variant of Covid is highly contagious, this makes no sense? Dorking of course, is just an example. An example of which I suspect applies to every club in National North and South.

In order to justify the National League clubs continuing to play, the FA must stipulate clubs spend a percentage of their Grant money on weekly Covid Tests. Currently, this isn’t happening and consequently, it is impossible to ensure the players are not unconsciously spreading the virus and are playing in a safe environment.

With London going into Tier 4, everyone has a quiet Christmas in prospect. Despite that and speaking on behalf of the team, I hope all of our supporters enjoy the festive period. Please respect the Government Guidance. However frustrating it is, it is the quickest way to return to normal. 

Thank you for your tremendous support in 2020. Have a Merry Christmas and raise a glass to Kingstonian on New Year's Eve for a successful -and very busy!- 2021! 

By the way, if anyone needs a last minute stocking-filler, please contact marketing@kingstonian.com. A fantastic brochure celebrating our FA Cup exploits along with a 2021 Calendar sounds like the perfect Christmas gift! 

Happy Christmas K’s! Good times are ahead! 

Published Monday 21st December 2020