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Match day information for this Saturday

FA Trophy at Wembley Stadium

John McCormack and Rob Lee with details on match day details for our Buildbase FA Trophy tie at home to Leamington.

Everyone at the club is excited ahead of the FA Trophy match versus Leamington. Ks' cup form in particular has been scintillating, and long may it continue. We are expecting a good travelling contingent from our visitors, and hopefully our own performance will match what we saw in the previous round against Woking, both on and off the pitch. Your support has been magnificent this season. Thank you all for helping to showcase the club in the best possible light.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of the day and also staying safe:

Due to the limited parking at King George's Field and the roads leading to the ground, we again suggest that fans should use public transport or car share if at all possible.

For those arriving by car, there will be limited options. We would suggest looking for spaces in Hook Rise South leading to Oakcroft Road and on to Davis Road. All around this area is only a short walk, less than ten minutes, to the ground. Please park considerately so as not to obstruct our neighbours.

Davis Road in particular is a good place to find parking close to the ground. If you search for "Selco Builders Warehouse, Davis Road, KT9 1TT" on Google Maps, you should find some parking within two minutes' walk to the ground. We will be reserving spaces for the three Leamington coaches in Davis Road, but there are often additional parking spaces there too. The pathway in front of the Selco Warehouse leads directly to a route that runs around the ground. As you face Selco, walk to the left and you will immediately see the ground. This is a very good option to avoid the congestion in Queen Mary Close.

There will also be parking available in the car park in Jubilee Way where it meets Cox Lane, this is known as the "Alliance Healthcare car park." It is a slightly longer walk, though, unless you are prepared to cross the muddy King George's Fields adjacent to the ground. Please wear suitable footwear if you take that option.

There will be limited spaces available in the Cadets' car park which is just off Queen Mary's Close, but please arrive early if you want to secure a parking space there. There will be stewards controlling to Queen Mary's Close. Dave and Hamza are regulars with the club now and most people know them. They are friendly and approachable, and will help as much as they possibly can. They are developing a real connection to the club.

The ground will open from 1pm as usual, with the main bar and food outlets open at the same time. The Supporters Club shop will also be open in their new gazebo from around 1.30pm. Why not come to the ground early and enjoy the atmosphere as it builds towards kick off? Alison, Sandra and Rosey will be delighted to let you know what the Supporters Club can offer, you can join for only £5 and save money on club shop purchases and travel to away matches.

As recommended by the local council and police, we ask supporters to be patient as we will be conducting searches as you enter the ground. This is also in accordance with our ground regulations which are displayed on the turnstiles. It is important that you retain your match ticket, as should you wish to leave the ground at any point, you will need to show your ticket for re-entry and you will be subject to another search.

Consumption of alcohol will be limited to the main bar and the area immediately around the main bar and the area immediately outside the main bar where there are tables and chairs. No alcohol may be taken into the stands and we will strictly enforce this rule for this match. There will be signs and stewards highlighting this to you, again please be courteous and listen to the advice provided.

As previously mentioned, we have concerns regarding the narrow pathway past the portakabin leading to the tunnel area and then around the back of the main stand. This area can get extremely congested with large crowd, and is a safety concern, particularly at half-time and full-time when many fans are travelling in both directions. In order to try and alleviate this problem, we will erect signs indicating that the area in front of the portakabin should be kept clear at all times. Please follow instructions from the stewards who are there primarily for your safety. Most of us are volunteers and fans of the club, so only have your best interests at heart.

We are likely to have a crowd of around 600-700, which is much more than we deal with normally. This makes it all the more important that everyone looks after each other. Please ensure that your fellow fans are safe and able to enjoy the match. If you have any concerns, please contact the nearest steward, and we will deal with it swiftly.

One last point, if you have any handheld flags picked up from previous matches, please bring them along on Saturday. The Supporters Club provided the flags to all fans at the Macclesfield FA Cup match and again when we played AFC Fylde. These are yours to keep, but it would be great to see as many as possible inside the ground for this match. The Supporters Club has also purchased more larger handheld and perimeter flags which will be on display. This is in addition to the flags you see flying proudly from the flagpoles which are also supplied by the Supporters Club.

We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday. COYKs.

Kindest regards,
Rob Lee - Safety Officer
John McCormack - Chief Steward

Published Thursday 9th January 2020