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Match Day Information for Sunday

FA Trophy at Wembley Stadium

Kingstonian's chief steward and safety officer with details for Sunday.

Car Parking and Stewarding for the FA Trophy match versus Woking on 15th December.

We're very excited ahead of the match versus Woking. Following our great showing in the FA Cup and appearance on Football Focus, we are very much looking forward to another big crowd and the opportunity to showcase Kingstonian Football Club in the best possible light. We need your help too.

The following are bullet points which should help you to stay safe and get the most out of the day.

- Due to the limited parking at King George's Field and the roads leading to the ground, we again suggest that fans should use public transport or car share if at all possible. (Ed: Remember, though, that thanks to industrial action on South West Trains lines, trains will not be stopping at Tolworth on Sunday.)

- For those arriving by car, there will unfortunately be limited options. Please note that there will be NO parking available in the Car Park in Jubilee Way where it meets Cox Lane. This is known as the 'Alliance Healthcare' Car Park. Due to issues outside of our control, work is proceeding on this Car Park over the weekend. You will need to find parking elsewhere in the network of roads around the ground.

- We would suggest looking for spaces in Hook Rise South leading to Oakcroft Road and on to Davis Road. All around this area is only a short walk, less than ten minutes, to the Ground. Please park considerately so as not to obstruct our neighbours.

- Stewards will again be present at the end of Queen Mary's Close to guide you to the nearest available parking spaces. All of our Stewards are trained to be friendly and helpful, so please be kind to them if they have no option but to turn you away from Queen Mary's Close.

- There will be limited spaces available in the Cadets’ Car Park which is just off Queen Mary’s Close, but please arrive early if you want to secure a parking space here.

- The Ground will open from 11.30am, with the Main Bar and food outlets open at the same time. Why not come to the Ground early and enjoy the atmosphere as it builds towards kick off.

- All supporters entering the Ground will be searched, in accordance with our Ground Regulations and discussions with the local Council and Police. It is important that you retain your match ticket, as should you wish to leave the Ground at any point, you will need to show your ticket for re-entry and you will be subject to another search.

- Consumption of alcohol will be limited to the Main Bar and the area immediately outside the Bar where there are tables and chairs. No alcohol may be taken into the Stands and we will strictly enforce this rule for this match. There will be signs and staff highlighting this to you, again please be courteous and listen to the advice provided.

- Concerns have been raised regarding the narrow pathway past the Portakabin leading to the tunnel area and then around the back of the Main Stand. This area can get extremely congested with large crowds, and is a Safety Concern particularly at half time and full time when many fans are travelling in both directions.

- In order to try to alleviate this problem, we will erect signs indicating that the area in front of the Portakabin should be kept clear at all times. We will also employ a One-Way System, utilizing the tunnel, to try to ease the flow of people. Please follow instructions from the Stewards who are there primarily for your safety. This is our first attempt at the new System, so we are reliant on your goodwill and co-operation to make it work effectively.

- We are likely to have a crowd approaching 1,000, which is much more than we deal with normally. This makes it all the more important that everyone looks after each other. Please ensure that your fellow fans are safe and able to enjoy the match. If you have any concerns, please contact the nearest Steward, and we will deal with it swiftly.

COYKs. We're right behind Hayden Bird and the team, making Kingstonian great again!

Kindest regards,
Rob Lee, Safety Officer
John McCormack, Chief Steward
Kingstonian Football Club

Published Friday 13th December 2019