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Louie Theophanous leaves Kingstonian

Louie Theophanous

Kingstonian Football Club would like to confirm Louie Theophanous has left the Club by mutual consent.

Following lengthy discussions between Hayden and Louie throughout Saturday night and Sunday morning, the Club have agreed to respect the player's wishes and cancel his contract.

"Although this will come as a shock to our supporters, I'm asking everyone to trust me," stressed the Manager. "This decision has been made after a series of discussions and great consideration from myself, the player and the Board of Directors".

"Louie contacted me on Saturday evening and explained that due to circumstances outside of football, he is finding it increasingly difficult to commit to Kingstonian. We spoke again at length on Sunday and Louie was of the same mindset. I asked if there was anything we could do as a Club to help him, if he wanted to play his football elsewhere or if he was looking for a transfer. He was adamant that he feels it necessary to simply to take a break from football to concentrate on his family".

"I like Louie, he is a good guy. Although we are reluctant and disappointed to lose him, we also want to support him. Equally, it is important that every player at the Club really wants to be at Kingstonian and are able to focus and commit to the project In speaking to Louie, he does not feel in a position to do that. Therefore, we have decided to let him go and allow him to leave with our very best wishes. Louie has offered the Club great service, I've enjoyed working with him and wish him every success."

In leaving, Louie wanted to send the following message to everyone.

"First of all, I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved at Kingstonian Football Club. It's with a heavy heart I say goodbye and wish the boys all the best in getting promoted, as I know they will."

"Working with Hayden has been a joy and really refreshing for myself to work in such a professional environment at this level."

"With a young family at home and a new business, it's been really hard for me to balance everything as a man. Leaving Kingstonian has nothing to do with football or a desire to play for any other club. It is purely for personal reasons".

"I'd like to give all of the supporters a big thank you. You are a really special bunch that drives us and fuels us as players. I wish the Board and the Club every success for the future and again a massive thank you for making my time at K's so enjoyable."

Published Sunday 5th January 2020