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Letter from Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness

Kingstonian Supporters Club

Kingstonian supporters raised £280 at the recent Corinthian-Casuals game

A thank you to all Ks fans from the Supporters Club. 

At our last match with Corinthian Casuals on 26th February, collections were made for both Clubs' chosen charities, with donations being split evenly. The letter printed below s from Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness, which is Corinthian Casuals chosen charity.  The letter is written to Ks Supporters Club, as we were the home team on the day and therefore handling the funds, but we recognise the great support we received from our Landlords and the generosity of their fans too.  It was a great joint effort. 

The other beneficiaries of the donations from the 26th Feb collection were Kingston Carers Network, with whom Ks has a very close and long established relationship. 

We very much appreciate that you are donating your hard earned money to our causes throughout the season. Thank you to the Ks family, you're a fantastic set of fans and helping to make the Club great again. 


Kingstonian Supporters Club

From Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness

Thank you so much for the generous donation of £280 given to support our work following your football match with Corinthian-Casuals FC on 26th February. Your support is much appreciated, and this money will be used to continue helping those in housing crisis in Kingston and the surrounding areas. Please convey our very grateful thanks to your supporters.

KCAH would not be able to continue its work without the donations that it receives from individuals and organisations. Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, the support we are receiving and continue to need has never been so important.

The current emergency situation has proven how grassroots charities such as KCAH are able to respond rapidly to deal with critical moments. Local authorities like Kingston have turned to the voluntary sector to ensure that a coordinated response takes place to help the most vulnerable in our communities.

The almost daily changes that have needed to take place to the services of KCAH in recent times has demonstrated the strength and dedication of both our staff team and our volunteers. It has been, quite simply, amazing and inspiring in the most testing of times.

Our focus, right now, is to work with our local authority to ensure that everyone experiencing rough sleeping has the opportunity to self-isolate safely in appropriate accommodation. To date, over 30 people who have been rough sleeping in Kingston are now in hotels or supported accommodation. They are being well-fed and we are having regular contact with them so that we can respond to their needs. We are also supporting 47 tenants in our own accommodation project while they self-isolate. 

Some of them have.lost their jobs and so helping them claim welfare benefits is vitally important. Others have underlying health needs that need to be tended to, some just want to have a daily chat as they cope with loneliness.

Beyond the short-term, KCAH can only plan for the possibility that many more people may become homeless due to factors such as unemployment and relationship breakdown and Ioss of home. That is why your donation to KCAH is so very much appreciated will help us to continue to tackle the injustice of homelessness.

Further information on KCAH's work and our outcomes (including audio and video clips of clients talking about their experience) is available on our website at www.kcah.org.uk. You can also find us active on Facebook. A copy of our latest Annual Review entitled "Human Spirit" can also be found on the website. There is also a section which will enable you to sign up for our regular newsletter on the website.

Published Wednesday 15th April 2020