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K's sponsor an "Inspiring Young Carers" Conference

Kingstonian Ted beermat

K's Football Club and Supporters Club join local organisations and businesses in sponsoring a special event on 4th February.

Kingstonian FC and Kingstonian Supporters Club are delighted to be amongst the local organisations and businesses jointly sponsoring Kingston Carers Network’s “Inspiring Young Carers” party/conference . Our community partners' special event will be on Saturday 4th February 2023 at the Safari Hotel, Chessington World of Adventures.

The K’s Supporters Club will be running a sweet stall at the event and will also be advertising upcoming club activities for young carers. Our stall will be next to a free photo booth and the young carers will be able to have their pictures taken with Club mascots Kingstonian Ted or Kacey Ks.

Our follow up events, organised together with Kingston Carers Network, include a football fun season at Tolworth Goals during the Easter holidays. Prior to this, there will also be Young Carers Day at our home match against Aveley on 11 February with transport to the game being provided by Anderson Travel. This game has been sponsored in support of Kingston Carers Network’s brilliant young carers service that works with over 800 young carers from across our borough.

Young Carers are children who look after family members with an illness or condition. The Covid pandemic placed huge pressures on many people, but few more so than for young carers. These young people already had so much on their small shoulders. When lockdowns kicked in, help for their families ceased because of infection control procedures, which resulted in significant increases in their responsibilities. School closures increased their social isolation, and they had to cope with home learning on top of all of this. As society reopened, carers of all ages are still facing huge pressures with the health service and social care so stretched. This is being made much worse by the cost of living crisis. If anything, young carers need our help more than ever which is why Kingstonian are therefore keen to keep supporting our community partners Kingston Carers Network.

For more details of Kingston Carers Network’s services for carers of all ages see  https://www.kingstoncarers.org.uk/

Published Wednesday 25th January 2023