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Kingstonian Supporters Club launches its own social media accounts

Kingstonian Supporters Club

You can now follow the Supporters Club on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and here is how:

The Supporters' Club is launching its own Social Media accounts from today

You can follow us on Twitter and Instagram via @kingstoniansc and our Facebook group can be found via this link:


When football returns, we will be looking to provide a fans' view of matchday home and away. We will have 'build up to the match' and interviews with fans. As a Supporters' Club, it's essential that we represent your views. 

For now, we will continue to try to entertain you online, so watch out for more events following the Hayden Q&A and hugely successful live Zoom conference with Mark Anderson, Hayden and the players. The Supporters' Club would like to put on record it's thanks to all participants in the Zoom conference, for their magnificent contributions and cooperation. Also, a huge thank you to Jamie Cutteridge, without whom it would not have been such a polished production. Thank you to the many fans who attended and contributed too, it made for a memorable event. 

If you would like to join the Supporters' Club, it only costs £5, and you'll be helping us to help the Club. We've been very active in the past year, and for our fans, we've bought hundreds of flags to decorate all our home games, and inspire the team to victory at Macclesfield and against Woking.

For this small membership fee of £5, you will also receive 10% discount on all Club Shop purchases, either online at https://kingstonianshop.weebly.com/ or in person from the wonderful Alison, Sandra and Rosey on matchday at King George's Field. We also provide subsidised coach and minibus travel to all away matches. 

If you'd like to join us, or have any ideas of how we can improve what we do, please contact us on supporters@kingstonian.com or by calling/texting us on 07308 302923.

We are planning more events where your membership will bring further benefits, so watch this space and follow our Social Media accounts!

Take care. 

Kingstonian Supporters' Club

Published Wednesday 13th May 2020