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Kingstonian Supporters Club joins the Young Carers Alliance

Young Carer Mascots - photo: Simon Roe

K's Supporters Club becomes the first sports organisation to join.

Kingstonian Supporters Club is proud to have become the first (of hopefully many) sports organisations to affiliate to the Young Carers Alliance.

This is a new national network of organisations and individuals who are committed to bringing about improved outcomes for all young carers and their families. The Supporters Club believes that football can have a valuable role in helping support young carers and raising awareness of their needs.

In doing this, the Supporters Club joins the club's community partners Kingston Carers Network in being member of the Alliance.

The Young Carers Alliance has recently published a report about Football and Young Carers, in which Kingstonian feature prominently, and so we hope to see many more clubs taking similar initiatives. See here for a copy: https://www.caringtogether.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/Football-and-Young-Carers-June-2022.pdf

Published Saturday 25th June 2022