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International Women's Day


Kingstonian's Equality and Diversity Officer Adam Thompson celebrates International Women's Day today by highlighting the invaluable work women do for the football club.

Kingstonian Football Club celebrates International Women's Day by profiling the contributions of women in our club. They are all vital to the continuing success of the club, and some have worked tirelessly for many years. Find out more and celebrate them with us here:

Tina Belfiore-Vasilaras

My role: Boardroom Hospitality Manager

What inspired me to get involved: My husband is a director of the club; I used to go to all the matches with him, I really enjoyed it, the volunteers were all so friendly and good at what they do, this inspired me to get involved.

Tina Belfiore-Vasilaras with daughters Anastasia (left) and Jasmine

I've been volunteering for around seven years, I first started selling 50/50 tickets at matches to help the club raise money - both our young daughters come to every game with us, our eldest loves it and knows that Saturday "is football day" as she calls it. The football club is like a second family to us and we love it.

I've also encouraged my Mum, my sister Jo and her partner Chloe to come to matches. They have all been helping and are now established volunteers at the club, making vital contributions.

How can we get more women to attend matches? I'd urge all women to get down to their local non-league club - maybe we could launch an initiative whereby supporters bring their wife, daughter, sister or mum to a designated game for free to see if they enjoy it.

Another suggestion would be for the club, possibly via the Supporters Club, to approach the local girl guides and the local WI group and invite them down to a game next season.

Daniella Brown

I help out in the boardroom on night games serving food and drinks. I also help out where I'm needed on the day.

Daniella BrownI have worked without that role for about 13 years (I was 14 years old at the time).

What made me want to help out at K's and what do I enjoy the most? I started helping with my mum as she needed some help one day and carried on ever since. I enjoy the social aspect side where I have met so many friendly people over the years.

Vicky Jones

I am currently selling 50/50 tickets, which I have done on and off for maybe 15 years.

I got into volunteering for the club about 23 years ago via Colin Deadman who was then chairman of the Supporters Club Committee. I've done all sorts over the years, and was on the Committee for I think 11 seasons.

Vicky Jones with Nobby StilesI just love the people at K's, they are friendly, knowledgeable about their football and an absolute hoot. If you want a lift, there's always a laugh to be had at K's, just listen to some of our songs! They are also generous, monies raised for the club and charities over the years has been amazing.

Alan Leeds and I are looking forward to starting up the quizzes again which we continue to run on behalf of the Supporters Club. Fingers crossed it won't be long.

Margaret McCormack

I've supported K's since the 1960s, when I came to watch my husband John play. More recently, I supported him in his role as President of the club. Since 2017, I've been a volunteer and member of the Supporters Club Committee. I'm also a Life Member.

My current role as Women's Liaison Officer has enables me to talk to women within the club to gain an insight into what would encourage other women to come to football. They mainly mention that facilities, such as toilets and baby changing, could be improved.

I was also interviewed by Dan Walker from Football Focus when our match versus AFC Fylde was featured on television.

Margaret McCormackDuring the pandemic, I have been in weekly contact with older supporters, some of whom are isolated. It has been one of the most rewarding activities that I have undertaken for the club. We have a great rapport, and I'm now more aware of their lives outside of football. I have offered support where necessary and admissible during lockdown. I also arranged for Hayden to phone them at home.

Sylvie BowmanI like to be involved on matchday, helping out wherever I can. it's a very friendly atmosphere, with everyone helping each other. My happiest days at the club are when all my family are at matchday or supporting one of the social events.

When we get our own ground, I see my role increasing, encouraging other women to get more involved, and to help to make us the club we used to be.

Emily McCormack

I'm also very proud of my granddaughter Emily McCormack and grandson's partner, Sylvie Bowman, who work in the Supporters Club and Equality & Diversity teams. Emily has recently started working on online promotional work, and Sylvie is responsible for social media design.

Alison Livesey

I have been a club shop volunteer for 14 years approx, I've been a supporter forever so decided to help out when approached by one of our directors. Myself and my sister started running the shop at Kingsmeadow with all my family helping out!

I've enjoyed meeting people from other clubs who were interested in our merchandise, also helping the club to make some money, which all helps to keep the K's going! And the tea!

Alison Livesey with mum Barbara and sister SandraI enjoy the social side of the club and it feels like another family. Myself and my sister have been brought up at K's through our mum and dad and like to keep supporting them in their memory.

To encourage more women to the club, we could have the youth teams attending our matches, bringing their mums along!

Sally Brown

I am now the youth liaison officer and work in the boardroom as well as well as anything I'm asked to do, eg: sell the golden goals, etc. I've been with the club for sixteen years. I was asked by Vicky to help out one evening, my third time of being there, and I've been with the club ever since - everyone is so nice and we all help each other. It is a great friendly club.

Sally Brown with daughter Daniella and son Glenn

Rosey Wooldridge

I have been sourcing and designing new items since creating our online club shop four years ago. I source and commission new items for sale, and manage sales and inventory with great help and support from the rest of the Supporters Club Committee.

Rosey Wooldridge

I have been a volunteer at Kingstonian Football Club for about fifteen years since my husband introduced me to the club. I help in a variety of ways - designing and selling golden goal tickets, designing posters, collecting for charity and even cooked burgers in the kitchen a few times! I started helping Vicky selling raffle tickets and assisting the lovely club shop ladies, because they are all so positive and friendly and give up huge amounts of their time for no reward; even if we are down in the dumps or it is a bad game, we all still get along, find something to cheer each other up and there is always a chance to catch up on news. It's a big open family - we grow up together, celebrate births, exciting news, and mourn our good friends. In the Covid lockdown my dear friend Margaret has been phoning fans every single week for a chat and to keep in touch, which is a huge undertaking and truly marvellous.

If you would like to help the club in any way, please contact me on the contact details below:

Adam Thompson
Equality and Diversity Officer
Kingstonian Football Club
E-mail: equalitydiversity@aol.com

Published Monday 8th March 2021