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Important COVID-19 Safety Information

Kingstonian FC - Stay Alert - Control the Virus - Save Lives

Updates to the safety information for tomorrow's game against Worthing.

In order to constantly improve safety, Ks have decided to publish it's near miss reporting system for this season, see attached.  These issues were highlighted to us at the last match on 12th September versus Horley Town, and you can see what we're doing to improve safety as a result.  This in turn has led to an update of our Risk Assessment (version 3), which was undertaken by the Covid-19 Officer and a lifelong supporter & volunteer. (Near Miss Reporting System - Risk Assessment v3)


The main change you will notice on Saturday versus Worthing, is that the narrow passageway past the Portakabin/Boardroom will be closed to supporters.  This is to prevent the bottlenecks which regularly occur in this area.  Access to the Standing areas in the Ground will only be possible as you enter the Ground through the turnstiles, and turn left.  One Way Entry and One Way Exit for the Standing areas.  We will put up temporary signage to guide people.  Access to the Seating area in the Main Stand will be unaffected.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact our Covid-19 Officer, John McCormack, on 07308 302923 or supporters@kingstonian.com

Published Friday 25th September 2020