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Golden Gloves Award for November sponsored by Samba

Rob Tolfrey

Congratulations to the Tolfmeister, who has won last month's Premier Division award.

The Bostik League has just announced the recipients of the Golden Gloves Awards for November sponsored by Samba.

The winner in the Premier Division is Kingstonian's Rob Tolfrey, who conceded just four goals in his six league games - the overall total was five goals in seven games as Berti Schotterl filled in for the Tonbridge Angels game.

Tilbury, Marlow and Cray Wanderers were the winners of the awards for the other three Bostik League decisions.

Rob will be receiving a pair of Samba goalkeeping gloves as his prize (ed: maybe we ought to send Berti a glove-finger for his share...?).

Published Thursday 6th December 2018 (last updated Monday 10th December 2018)