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Dean Brennan programme column

Dean Brennan

Ahead of Friday’s Meet the Manager event, here are Dean Brennan’s programme notes from yesterday’s match against Wingate:

I’d like to use this opportunity to greet all K’s fans as we continue this adventure together. 

My first home game in charge came very soon after my arrival – we only had one training session and the priority was to end the losing run. Two weeks on, I’ve begun to reshape the squad and hopefully you will see the very beginnings of what I, and my assistant Stuart Maynard, want to achieve. 

It’s been exciting, all round, and great to be back in management. We would like to have gained 4 points from our first two games rather than one and it’s going to take special form to make the play-offs. We’ll give it everything - although we may need to sprout wings! I realise fans may be tired of new faces but what we’re bringing in is for the long-term. 

I want stability as much as anyone and I have a record of having players with me for multiple seasons. That’s how to get success. I can’t emphasise stability enough. It’s essential in football, as in life. That includes sorting the ground out. We’re sofa-surfing at the moment and K’s need a home, a showroom to attract players and a place for the passionate fans to call their own. That’s the most important thing. Next comes a management team. Then recruiting the right players. In that order. 

By the “right players”, I mean players who want to come for the right reasons and are a good age combined with pedigree. That doesn’t always mean paying big money. You can get good wine in Aldi. You don’t need to go to Harrods all the time! 

When I was a player I had a manager who always used to say “reliability is better than ability” and I thought he was talking nonsense – but when I became a manager, I understood what he meant. You need to know what you’re going to get from people every week.

It’s my first time managing in the Isthmian League after several years at Hemel Hempstead in the Southern and Vanarama South. While it is often said that the regions at Step 3 differ in quality, I’m not so sure about that and the restructure has had an effect too. I know the majority of the players, of course. We’ve got a huge database through our scouting system. What I would say is that there is probably a deeper pool of players from which to recruit in London, although there’s also more competition. 

I’m not coming from too far away – I’m based near Luton so it’s an hour in the car on a good day. I am putting in 24/7 to improve things here. That’s the only way to do it. 

Finally, do come and see me for a chat and a beer after games. We want to engage with everyone.

Dean Brennan 

There will be a Meet the Manager event on Friday 8th March in the bar at King George's Field, kicking off at 7.30pm until 9pm. It will be free entry to all, and cold food will be available.

Published Sunday 3rd March 2019