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Club Statement


Kingstonian issue a statement regarding the departure of Louie Theophanous.

In view of recent activity on social media, Kingstonian Football Club would like to add to the earlier statement made regarding Louie Theophanous' departure from the club.

We remain completely satisfied that the player asked to leave the club for personal reasons off the pitch.

We are also certain he has made this decision with the best interests of his family in mind.

Mr Theophanous has made it clear that any approaches made by other clubs were done so after he left us and he has chosen to accept an offer from Romford FC in order to look after his family.

As a club we feel that the abuse that Louie has received on social media has been regrettable for a player who has served the club well this season.

He leaves us with our thanks and we move on to another important cup match this Saturday.

Published Wednesday 8th January 2020