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Bryant signs a contract with Kingstonian

Sitting down: Bryant Akono Bilongo, Standing up (L-R): Hayden Bird, Nigel James, Yioryos Vasilaras

K's secure young full back Bryant Akono Bilongo to a contract until the summer of 2022.

Kingstonian Football Club is delighted to announce Bryant Akono Bilongo has signed a Football Association Contract with the club.

Following interest from a number of Premier League Clubs, Bryant has recently been on trial with Chelsea Football Club. On Sunday, he appeared in Chelsea’s Premier League 2 line-up, playing left back in The Blues  0-1 defeat to Blackburn Rovers.

Having returned to the Club the following day, Bryant signed a deal with Kingstonian until the Summer of 2022.

“First and foremost, we are very proud of Bryant,” stressed Manager Hayden Bird. “To go from Hanworth Villa to trialling with the European Champions is a meteoric rise”

“We are delighted for him and everyone who has been a part in his development should feel very proud. Nigel in particular deserves immense credit. Nigel has an exceptional track record. The young players under his tutelage are very lucky. Equally, the guys at Hanworth Villa deserve great credit, who gave Bryant his first experience in Senior Football.”

“Ultimately, Chelsea decided not to offer Bryant a professional contact. With this in mind, myself, George and Nigel met Bryant and his father on Monday. Following positive and meaningful discussions, we agreed an FA Contract for the player.“

“This is just the start of an incredible football career for Bryant. The Club now has a responsibility to look after him and provide a stable environment to continue to his development. In doing so, the Club, myself and Nigel will oversee the next stage of his career and ensure every decision is in the best interests of both the Kingstonian and Bryant.”

Club Director George Vasilaras paid tribute to Bryant and stressed how pleased the Board were with the signing. “Bryant is an excellent young man. I have no doubt this humble, unassuming young man will flourish here and use Kingstonian to reach the very top.”

Published Wednesday 6th October 2021