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Brian "Fossil" Newman funeral arrangements

Brian Newman

The funeral for a very good and popular man will be next Tuesday 1st.

The Supporters ' Club has been advised that Brian 'Fossil' Newman's funeral will take place at Kingston Crematorium on Tuesday 1st September at 4.20pm.  Whilst, there are currently restrictions on the numbers allowed into the Crematorium, the Supporters' Club will be at the entrance to the Crematorium from 3.30pm, so that Brian's family can see what he meant to our Club. We have also provided a flag and scarf to adorn the coffin, plus a replica Ks shirt for Brian's daughter, Sarah.

If you'd like to join us to show your appreciation for Fossil, please let us know via supporters@kingstonian.com and we will keep you informed of our plans. 

Published Monday 24th August 2020