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Anderson Coaches Manager of the Month for November

Anderson Coaches

...and the awards keep on a-rollin'

They say things come in threes. So, Performance of the Month - tick. Golden Gloves award - tick.

Now, the Isthmian League has today announced that the Anderson Coaches Premier Division Manager of the Month for November is Kingstonian's Hayden Bird.

After a tumultuous month that has seen the K's qualify for the FA Cup Second Round and the FA Trophy First Round, and a few other decent results besides, the Manager of the Month committee saw it fit to award Kingstonian's new manager the award for November 2019.

Other awards for other divisions: Adam Gusterson (Dereham Town, North Division), Justin Gardner (Barking, South Central), Jude McDonald (Whitehawk, South East).

Published Wednesday 4th December 2019