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All4Charity Event at King George's Field

All4Charity Festival Raises £1244 - thank you all for your support!

£627 raised for each of the two charities involved - the Emily Ash Trust and the Chris Donovan Trust

Thank you to everyone who volunteered, attended and donated during last Sunday's All4Charity event at King George's Field. A total of £1,244 was raised, which means that both charities involved, the Emily Ash Trust and the Chris Donovan Trust, will benefit to the tune of £627 each.

Special thanks go to our list of hardy volunteers, who gave up their entire Sunday to these causes, and shout outs go to Alan Leeds, Rachel Morriss, Clare Goddard, Tina Belfiore-Vasilaras, Margaret McCormack, Zac Goddard, Jo Belfiore, Aidan McCormack and Livvie Goddard.

Left to Right: Mayor of Sutton Trish Fivey, Tina Belfiore-Vasilaras and Livvie Goddard administer the 50/50 draw for the afternoon.

Published Saturday 16th October 2021