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A message from Tolfs

Rob Tolfrey

Rob Tolfrey to receive around £3k from JustGiving appeal

Kingstonian's goalkeeper Rob Tolfrey, currently missing from the team due to his foot injury suffered at the recent Carshalton Athletic match, an injury that also currently prevents him from working, has written a message for everyone who has donated to his JustGiving appeal, which means that he will be receiving just over £3,000 by the end of this month.

Tolfs says:

A massive thank you from me and my family.

The support I have had has been so positive and overwhelming. It has definitely given me the desire to get fit and take my place in the squad again soon.

I am off crutches now with swelling decreasing and can start rehab soon.

Once again thank you to the whole footballing community, especially to all those connected to a club that holds a special place in my heart.

See you all soon,


Published Tuesday 20th September 2022