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12th Man Scheme

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The draws have now taken place for the October and November prizes in the 12th Man Scheme.

The winners so far have been:

Evening with Hayden plus a playerJim PageGeorge VasilarasDan Leissner
Two seats on an away team coachJohn MacDave ActonShaun Luzio
Signed Match BallIan GrayJohn MacBrenda Dendy

Additional benefits for all 12th Man contributors, who have committed to pay at least £5.00 per week, for the 32 week period of the scheme:

1 - Visit to the Training Ground for photos and autographs
2 - Lunch with Management and Players

We will deliver on all of these prizes and rewards as soon as we can. The signed match balls have already been awarded for September and October. The evening with Hayden + player, and seats on the away team coach will be possible once Coronavirus restrictions are lifted. Also, we will be organising the Training Ground photos/autographs and lunch with management and players as soon as it is safe to do so.

Thank you all again for your wonderful contributions which are helping the club tremendously during these difficult times.

If you have any questions about the scheme, please contact supporters@kingstonian.com or 07308 302923.

Published Monday 9th November 2020