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Supporters Club - Kit Sponsorship

Kingstonian Kit Sponsorship 2020-21

Player Name
Home Shirt £60
Away Shirt £60
Socks £10
Boot Laces £5
Hayden Bird (Manager)MuncherMuncherMuncherMuncher
Kevin D'Arcy (Coach)Simon BangsSimon BangsSimon BangsSimon Bangs
Tutu Henriques (Assistant Manager)Rob and Mandy SmithRob and Mandy Smith

Paul Ferrie (Kit Manager)John BangsJohn BangsJohn BangsJohn Bangs
Jamie Street (Physio)Mike UnderwoodMike UnderwoodMike UnderwoodMike Underwood
Corie AndrewsBob ReedBob ReedBob ReedBob Reed
Kenny BeaneyK's Archives - www.kingstonianhistory.co.uk

Jay BradleyKingstonian Mind UnitedKingstonian Mind United

Elliott BuchananJohn HowarthJohn BangsKingston Carers' NetworkKingston Carers' Network
Andre CokerTim and Josh GoddardTim and Josh GoddardTim and Josh GoddardTim and Josh Goddard
Ollie CookTheodore Victor ConnaughtonPat PageAdrian PageAdrian Page
Simon Cooperpredicttheleagues.compredicttheleagues.com

Kadell DanielOllie UnderwoodOllie UnderwoodOllie UnderwoodOllie Underwood
Tom HowardKingston Carers' NetworkKingston Carers' Network

Jake HutchingsJohn EdwardsJohn Edwards

Tom KavanaghKeith DaviesKeith Davies

Number six shirt
on behalf of the VicarJohn Bangson behalf of the Vicaron behalf of the Vicar
Teo KurtaranJim Page
Kingstonian TedKingstonian Ted
Omarr LawsonStella FenwickStella FenwickKingston Carers' NetworkKingston Carers' Network
Kevin NyarkoKingstonian YouthKingstonian Youth

Harry OsborneJaemie GaleMark Osbourne

Lewis PearchJohn McCormackJohn McCormackJohn McCormackJohn McCormack
Jerry PuemoWorcester K
Kacey K'sKacey K's
Tom RichardsKingstonian Mind UnitedKingstonian Mind United

Fabio SaraivaNewt & LinNewt & LinNewt & LinNewt & Lin
Juevan SpencerKingston Carers' NetworkKingston Carers' NetworkKingston Carers' NetworkKingston Carers' Network
Gus Sowin memory of Brian Fossil Newmanin memory of Brian Fossil Newmanin memory of Brian Fossil Newmanin memory of Brian Fossil Newman
Rob TolfreyRob and Mandy SmithGeoff AustinMuncherMuncher
Mason WhitnellJohn FenwickJohn FenwickKingston Carers' NetworkKingston Carers' Network

Kit Sponsorship prices: £60 Home Shirt - £60 Away Shirt – £10 socks - £5 laces.

Shirt sponsorship is discounted to £100 when 2 shirts are sponsored and paid upfront. 

You may sponsor in your name, dedicate to someone, make a statement, or advertise your business or website (online sponsorships will include hyperlink).

Standing Order is also available if 2 or more shirts are sponsored (download Standing Order Mandate form here).

Visit kingstonianshop.weebly.com to buy sponsorship, or email queries to Rosey Wooldridge at clubshop@kingstonian.com

You may sponsor a player who is already sponsored, but the first sponsor will have first choice of the shirt. Sponsored shirts will be distributed at the end of the 2021 pre-season. We will be distributing last season's shirts in early October.

If the player you sponsor leaves the club, we will contact you to arrange alternative sponsorship.

Kingstonian FC Supporters Club may request an amendment if the statement or business is deemed inappropriate.


Published Friday 3rd July 2020 (last updated Monday 2nd November 2020)