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Supporters Club - Kit Sponsorship

Kingstonian Kit Sponsorship 2022-23 

2022-3 Kit sponsorship is now open – details remain the same as last year, costing: £60 Home Shirt - £60 Away Shirt - £10 socks - £5 laces

You may sponsor players in your name, or add a dedication, or advertise your business or website (online sponsorships will include hyperlink). You can certainly sponsor a player who has already been sponsored but you are unlikely to receive the shirt; however your dedication will definitely be visible online and in programmes.

If your chosen player leaves the club we will transfer your dedication to another player.

Shirt sponsorship is discounted to £100 if 2 shirts are sponsored and paid upfront; and standing orders can be set up if 2 or more shirts are sponsored. 

Kingstonian FC Supporters Club may require an amendment to your dedication details if the statement or business is deemed inappropriate. 

To sponsor players’ kits, please visit the website and select the player and dedication, and pay through PayPal – but feel free to email clubshop@kingstonian.com if you need to clarify anything. See Rosey at home games to pay in cash instead.



Published Friday 3rd July 2020 (last updated Wednesday 22nd March 2023)