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Club Statement

With our move back into the Royal Borough, the directors have been  working closely with the Executive Committee of the Supporters Club towards raising attendances with a variety of initiatives, particularly to encourage young supporters and their families.

There are however two concerns where we are asking for your co-operation in order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all supporters at our home matches.

Threatening behaviour

We all want to watch football in a safe environment. However the use of threatening behaviour or foul and abusive language is unacceptable and in breach of the ground regulations. 

The Club reserves the right to eject or ban any supporter who is in breach of the ground regulations. This includes any person whose presence within the ground could reasonably be construed as a source of danger, nuisance or annoyance to any other person. This could lead to further action by the club including, but not limited to, the withdrawal of any season ticket, future suspension, reporting to the police and prosecution.

Foul and abusive language

It is noticeable that there has been a recent increase in the chanting or use of foul and abusive language. However whilst it may be unrealistic to expect no foul language from within a football stadium during a match, the odd swear word slipping in reaction to a particular incident is clearly different from ongoing excessive foul and abusive language.

This creates an unpleasant atmosphere and will discourage parents from bringing their children to watch us.

Kingstonian is an FA Charter Standard Club; we have been working hard behind the scenes to encourage both parents and their children to come and watch our matches.  These youngsters are our future generation of supporters and through initiatives such as the “Kids for Free” scheme we have liaised with local schools, junior clubs and societies and provided free season tickets in order to encourage more children to come and watch our matches.

Can we please request that we all play our part in making families and children welcome at our matches and help to make Kingstonian a family-friendly and safe environment in which to watch football.

Thank you.

The Directors of Kingstonian Football Club and the Kingstonian Supporters Club Executive Committee.

Published Monday 8th April 2019 (last updated Monday 14th September 2020)